8月 14, 2011

A yukata (浴衣?) is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton. People wearing yukata are a common sight in Japan at fireworks displays, bon-odori festivals, and other summer events.

However, there was neither the festival nor the fireworks display today.
but, I wanted to wear it at night of summer because I did not yet wear it this year!!

Speaking of summer fruit, it is a Suika(watermelon).
I did not like it very much in old days.
Anyway, it is troublesome to take the seed.

but, it is delicious!:)

It seems to be cool, but the yukata is hot (LOL

I went to the downtown by bus.

I got a New Zealand souvenir from Yamamo.
It's beautiful sky, isn't it?

I got a Hawaiian souvenir
from Yamamo 4years ago.

The next is Canada?
I can't wait to the next postcard!:)

When I ate dinner,I looked sideways at the black and small thing which move.
When I thought that ”What is it?” and looked, it was a small Gekko japonicus.
It is small like to be newborn!!so cute<3
Because there was not the thing which baby eat in the room, I let it go outside.

my Shacho (Leopard gecko)

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I wear a faux fur.

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