typhoon,shopping and hairstyle

9月 04, 2011

3L Shirt

I have a stomachache.... uuuuuuh.....

I was going to go to Kagawa today.
However, I was not able to go because a typhoon came, and a bridge could not pass.
I am veeeery disappointed!

I went to Kurashiki instead.
ramen of Marufuku
I like Menma.more Menma!!

Menma is Chinese bamboo shoots that have been dried, 
soaked in water and then seasoned for use in cooking.
There were around 16 kinds and I was troubled which I ate.
I chose a pink grapefruit and kiwi fruit.
I like the taste that seems to be sour.
So I always choose such a thing. I am the always same after all.LOL

The sunglasses which I purchased on the Internet arrived this morning. 
Is not it an interesting design?
This thinks that it is Chanel of the impostor. 'Cuz a cheap thing!
but,It is written as ”MADE IN ITALY"LOL
It arrived from China. It took it by arrival from shipment more than one week.
I bought in Ion Kurashiki today 
A long skirt was cheap in the sale. 
I wanted the jacket very much. 

I liked it with a hairstyle of last week.
The below eye became painful though it did not understand probably
because of this hairstyle. 
And, on the next day, the pain was gone, but swelled up a little. LOL
I am alright now.What was it?
It is time when it is just painful eyes at this time. LOL 
Hair grew considerably. However, I must still fasten the bottom with a pin.

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