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10月 17, 2011

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  1. more visual delights for me. [-:

    that song--"the climb"--i first heard it when a friend put it on her myspace page. i never heard it many times but i liked it. i think it says something which many of us can relate to in this overly performance-oriented world...imagine this...which tree is tallest, son? wrong answer...if you look at the base of the trees, you will see that the one tree has roots down in the valley...it had farther to climb to reach the sky...Make any sense to you, Hilamy? lol.

    i think i will sleep, soon...it's good to think of you before i sleep; it's a mad world, mad life, and it's a quieter, more peaceful, bliss i feel when i think of you...but i do not /sound/ very quiet now, you say? lol. sweet dreams, pretty lady. [-:


Thank you for the comment!;)


I wear a faux fur.

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